Candid Aligners Treatment – Bytes Vs Braces

Candid aligners treatment is most often performed using an orthodontic appliance. Most patients associate the braces with colored rubber bands (ligatures). They appear in metal braces, which – apart from the abovementioned rubber bands – also consist of other elements, i.e. locks (clamps) glued to the surface of the teeth and a wire attached directly to them. Both the locks and the wire are available in silver or gold.

Do you care about an even, healthy smile? Nowadays, orthodontic appliances are used by patients of all ages. Aesthetic orthodontic braces have been developed for people who care about discreet treatment. Orthodontic treatment is waiting for you and you wonder which braces will be better for you? Find out the difference between aesthetic and metal braces to make the best decision for you.

Metal braces are popular with patients for several reasons. Compared to other appliances used in orthodontic offices, it is the cheapest. Since these types of braces are made of high-quality stainless steel, they are reliable and perfectly cope with the elimination of various malocclusions. However, due to the aforementioned colored ligatures, this type of apparatus is most often chosen by young people – pupils and students.

Aesthetic braces – what do orthodontists propose?

Aesthetic appliances are as effective as metal appliances. However, as the name suggests, they guarantee a discreet treatment. The visibility of these devices is much lower, because other materials than stainless steel are used for their production. The group of such devices includes:

sapphire (crystal) cameras 

They are transparent like glass,ceramic and porcelain appliances – they are equipped with brackets with a milk color,self-ligating braces – instead of colored ligatures there are special flaps.

Proper selection of the coating of brackets and arch makes the orthodontic apparatus invisible – it blends with the color of the teeth.

Each aesthetic apparatus is an ideal solution from the point of view of people performing serious, prestigious professions. If you want no one to notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can use even more discreet braces. These include, among others Lingual braces, which are distinguished by the fact that the brackets are attached to the teeth from the palate and tongue. As a result, they are not visible from the outside.

Clear Aligner overlays are a specific type of orthodontic appliance. These are transparent overlays that are used when correcting malocclusion in adults. Although the aligners are discreet and comfortable, they are not for everyone – they can only be used to correct certain malocclusions.

Orthodontic appliance for an adult – aesthetic or metal?

The answer to the question of whether a metal or aesthetic braces will work better depends primarily on the patient’s preferences. Do you care about straight, straight teeth? If the orthodontist decided that you can undergo treatment with an orthodontic appliance, he will most likely offer you both metal and aesthetic braces. You decide which one you will feel better in.

Don’t you want your coworkers to find out that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment? In such a situation, an aesthetic apparatus will be a better solution. Sapphire, ceramic, self-ligating or lingual braces are most often chosen by traders and sellers as well as people in managerial positions.

Aesthetic versus metal braces – treatment time

Patients who require an orthodontic appliance are informed about the duration of treatment. Which orthodontic appliance to choose – aesthetic or metal – to shorten the treatment time? Aesthetic appliances are made of materials other than traditional metal. Therefore, the treatment time may be longer. People who want to achieve results quickly should opt for a lingual apparatus. As its components are personalized, healing time is shorter. As a result, control visits may also take place less frequently.

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